Case Study

Tactful is an AI tool to manage omnichannel communications into one application including AI tactics to accelerate and facilitate customer support and many communications threads with customers.

I'm sure that you are one of the 99.5% who will find difficulties in figuring out what's is really Tactful do, and who's the potential customer!

Welcome in Makkook

Here's a piece of the cases we are handling daily!

Sometimes it's really hard to find the potential clients, and the nightmare is how to contact directly with the decision-makers, and the worst is to spread the awareness to the targeted industries and targeted clients segment with a low budget!!!

Before: Tackful was generating only 5 hot leads per month, closing only 2 deals quarterly!

After: With Makkook support, Tactful generates 320 hot leads monthly, closing 20 deals quarterly.


Total cost of leads generation for in a quarter was: $1900

Total sales in a quarter was: $600,000

Without any marketing team, or marketing budget.

This is what Makkook do.